Sistema di pulizia di alto livello

Il sistema di pulizia ad alto livello numero 1 al mondo! SpaceVac è il produttore leader mondiale di sistemi di aspirazione e ispezione di alta qualità. La nostra tecnologia all'avanguardia rivoluziona la pulizia delle grondaie, la pulizia interna ed esterna di prima qualità e l'ispezione di prima qualità!

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  • SpaceVac Innovative High-Level Cleaning System – provides a safe and efficient method of cleaning up to 20m in height from the safety of the ground floor. ideal for internal and external cleaning of pipes and fixtures in factories and warehouses as well as commercial buildings.  
  • The result of over a decades worth of development and refinement, the SpaceVac high-level cleaning system is a precision-engineered cleaning system unlike any other; providing peace of mind and unrivalled cleaning performance across a wide range of business sectors.
  • SpaceVac are the world’s leading manufacturer of high level vacuum cleaning and inspection systems. Our pioneering technology is revolutionising gutter cleaning, high level interior and exterior cleaning and high level inspection.
Ermop is the Official distribitor of Spacevas internstional products.



Ermop, Spacevac inc. şirketinin Türkiye satış ve pazarlama resmi distribütörüdür.

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