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Home Cleaning much fun now!

Easily attach and use the mop cloth

Innovative mop system including bucket with wringing mechanism, bucket with 2 chambers for moistening and drying, wringing and cleaning without physical use, Ideal for dry and damp use on almost all floors in the home, space-saving storage.

Wet and Dry cleaning

In the 'WET' chamber, the microfibre cleaning cloth is moistened, in the 'dry' chamber, the dirty water is squeezed out by simple up and down movements.

Effective cleaning on all types of floors

It easily removes all kinds of tough dirt and stains from the floor. You can use it safely on all surfaces. It provides effective cleaning on dry and wet floors and on parquet, tile and marble floors.

Indispensable assistant in your home

Never again dirty hands and strenuous bending over the floor!

Teknik Özellikler
  • Kova: PP,PC,PVC,ABS
  • Kova Ölçüsü: 400x240x400 mm
  • Sap: Paslanmaz Çelik
  • Sap Uzunluğu: 1280 mm
  • Mop Ölçüsü: 320x120 mm
  • Lütfen kullanımdan önce kullanma kılavuzunu okuyunuz
  • Yumuşatıcı kullanmayınız.

Gecko Homeset Broşür

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