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Ermop's Mop Types: It is divided into 4 main groups; Damp, Microfiber, Wet and Orlon. 1st quality yarn is used in all our mop varieties.This enhances the mop’s life and water holding performance. It is used as damp, wet or dry in daily cleaning of all kinds of floors.


  • Color coding of equipment in professional cleaning is a simple but important step that will greatly contribute to hygiene standards and the elimination of cross-infection.
  • It is important to choose and use the right cleaning equipment, especially in areas with high human circulation. When washing, mixing of mops is prevented and hygienic washing results are obtained. The color code also lowers inventory costs and eliminates storage problem. In case of demand we also have extra color coding for our customers.


  • All Mop types can also be manufactured on demand in special sizes and / or with customer-specific mop coding or customer-specific logo.
  • We also sew the chips delivered by the customer for a small extra charge into the pockets on the mops. Colour coding as well as private labelling and data systems are manufactures that we perform for.
  • Further custom-made products as well as delivery quantities and prices on request.

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