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Benefits of Plastic Wringers

Plastic wringers are a more economical alternative than their metal counterparts. Their lighter-weight construction makes pushing a mop bucket around your establishments less burdensome on employees. Plus, they will never corrode or rust thanks to their chemical-resistant makeup. 


  • Red Mop Bucket -High Risk

Use this mop for places with a higher risk of contamination and bacteria. This includes toilets and urinals.

  • Yellow Mop Bucket - Low Risk

Low-risk areas include the rest of the bathroom, such as below sinks and mirrors, or specialty areas such as labs and gyms.

  • Blue Mop Bucket - All Purpose Cleaning

Use this bucket for everyday areas including office floors, hallways, and day-to-day work areas.

  • Green Mop Bucket - Food Service

Dedicate this bucket to food service areas including the kitchen and behind the bar.

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